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Длина: 03:01

Добавлено: 2019-03-01

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Текст песни:

4 cups of cherries or more, maybe 5 just to be sure
1 cup of sugar or more if the berries are sour
Let your belly say when, when you put in
A good pinch cinnamon

Groovin', twistin' your leg, when you add the yoke of an egg
Crumble some butter with four small cups of flour
And in the wink of an hour, if you're lucky you'll try
My great granny's cherry pie

Well listen, once back in 1865
My great granny served her very first cherry pie
And it's been doin' wonders
Ever since she spread
Her lovin' crumbles

She mended broken hearts
And won every price in the local country markets
She was the sweetest thing
Invited everybody in to share
Tender love and care
And some pie here and there

Well listen, once back in 1869
My great grandad walked in and caught her eye
And he's been doing tumblers ever since he tasted her lovin' crumbles
She once said to me one day you're gonna thank me for this recipe
You gotta follow it to the T
It takes more than just a twinkle in your eye
So when you find your guy
Invite him in for some pie

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