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Длина: 02:50

Добавлено: 2019-01-03

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Текст песни:

da-dont you know that im a bad girl
raging right across the world
bla-bla-blow like a volcano
shake my hurricane curls
so if you wanna come and get fresh with me
ill have you bumping bumping up and down the street

da-dont you know that Im a hurricane
driving all the boys insane
use their hearts as a weapon
and a pistol for their brain
but lalalalalover i ga-gotta leave
heres a tissue for your ta-ta-tears

danger danger
whos the player?
fingers in the pie
watch out honey
aint no dummy
deadly lovers lie

question question
whats your motive?
getem? gotem? go
loveem loveem
leaveem leaveem
jihad romeo

dadada- do the death dance
if you fu-fu-fuk with me
six sad suckers in the grave
but ten beneath the sheets
and heaven ha-ha heaven is sa-south you see
spider spin-a-spun a sa-sa-satin weave

ca-ca-ca-catch me in the fast lane
roll the dice and win the game
self-direct the suckers pay-off
go for broke again
and playa pla pla playa da-dont cry for me
mamis got more trinkets up her sa-sa-sleeve

holler holler at your lover
trickem traceem train
kee-kee-keep him close to heart
dont wear him on a chain
freedom freedom aint no reason
to be taking lives
hustle, hustle spin the puzzle
friends and foes are spies

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